The largest seller of home appliances, the company Best Buy, every year only on flyers spends more than 45 thousand tons of paper. Wood to get them, cutting down old-growth forests of special value.

45 thousand tons!

Therefore, just four days more than 14 thousand people turned to the head of the company Julia Hubert with the requirement that the corporation had a policy of responsible use of paper.

In his report “The boreal forest: not the best buy┬╗ (Better Buying in the Boreal Forest) Greenpeace notes that Best Buy buys paper from Resolute Forest Products, which cuts into valuable old-growth forests, violates the Canadian way of life of Indians and damaging populations of reindeer.

Greenpeace praised the policy of Best Buy in comparison with other companies in the consumer sector, which use paper and wood from boreal (northern) forests, such as Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Home Depot and others. The most responsible have shown themselves Kimberly-Clark and Office Depot. At the bottom of rankings were the most irresponsible – Best Buy and Canadian Tire. The report can be read here.

Many companies that use paper for flyers, toilet paper, lumber, have become more demanding with regard to the origin of the wood they buy. Their policy aims to reduce the damage of intact, especially valuable forests.

Canadian ancient forests – an essential part of the boreal forest, which play an important role in preserving the environment. In Canada’s forests are a quarter of all known swamps of the world. In addition, they live animals such as caribou, wolverine and lynx.


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